Friday, April 1, 2011

POT #5

This gem came all the way from Australia. It was in the 2008 Cone Box and was made by Greg Daly. I am going to challenge my students at Longview to research his work and tell me all about it. When that is done, I will fill in everyone else it about this piece. My students from Longview Community College were given the assignment to research and write about the artist and his work. This is from Malaina Harrington (LVCC student): Greg Daly- Born 1954 Melbourne, Australia. He started off making a variety of work ranging from thrown functional ware, moving to large sculptural forms and miniature slip cast bone china forms. More recently he has concentrated on the decoration of traditional vessel form. He uses lustrous glazes and incorporates abstract patterns. His work is known internationally and he is also the author of "Glazes and Glazing Techniques". thanks Maliana! Five pots down and ??? to go....

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