Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pot #9

This tasty little treat is a plate from Lisa Orr. She is from Austin, Texas. She was a demonstrator at the sam NCECA (2005) as Sam Chung. The funny part is that I went to the demo specifically to see Sam Chung work, but I was mesmerized by Lisa Orr's demo. (It's a good thing they were working at the same time and I could watch them both.) A few years later I bought her NCECA video. Lisa works with a Giffin Grip and one and two part molds. She throws in the molds...removes the piece...flips molds...adds feet or lips...alters the pot in the mold and add slips and sprigs. She uses a red-ware and I forgotten what she fires to. She uses several glazes and her glazing technique is loose...very loose.

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