Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pot #18

Hmmmm, what shall it be today?
How about this piece by Nancy Gardner?
Her work is so much cracks me up! This little guy is a jar. I feel so UN-clever. =O(

His hat is the lid.
With the hat/lid, this piece is 4.35 x 3 x 1.5". It is made of read grog. Underglazes and or colorful glazes...I can't find any information on her website. It's a well kept secret I suppose.
Because one can't see the back, I'll tell you all about it...the hat and shirt have the same coloration and form all the way 'round, the back of the head is lavender with a yellow ponytail.

I purchased another piece the same day...the day I call "The Panic Attack". I was dating someone (nameless) and we were at the Plaza Art Fair. We had a had a beer (a Falstaff) and yummy hotdog and were taking in the fair early in the weekend to avoid the crowds. We were shopping in Nancy's booth and couldn't make up my mind. The date excused himself. Unbeknowst to me he went to get some cigs, but the Diebel's was closed. He came back all anxious and for the next hour we were on a quest for cigs. We ended up going home early so he could have a smoke. Grrrrrr.
Anyway, later dropped him...but have some wonderful artwork!
See Nancy's work at:

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