Monday, January 31, 2011

I am loving the changes made by creating the pot in a new mold. There is no added foot. The lip is altered as well. I like that alot.
Off to make some more pots today. I just got the acceptance from BROOKSIDE ART ANNUAL. I have not been in that show since 2002...WOW! a 9 year hiatus. I gotta get reaaaaaaaaally busy.
I can't wait to see these with color. I need to test fire those glazes I purchased last week.

January 31, 2011

piccys of the work from yesterday
...with no shellac

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

Well, I haven't written much since last year. Ther has been a lot going on...Scottish activities, Terry leaving for New Orleans for 5 weeks. I have a mde very few pots. My studio is not well insulated and the heat just seems to flow right out the poorly designed space. The glaze area in the basement is too cold as well. Brrrrrrrrrr

I have asked my students at Longview to follow a blog or two and in grading them, I have found some new potters to drool over. Karin Eriksson is my favorite among them. One of my students is going to follow me...that is whey I am writing today.

I am going to use some commercial glaze...a silver-ish and a gold-ish glaze...because I can't buy lusters anymore (What will Eric Abraham do?)