Sunday, September 13, 2009

day westport

had a good weekend at the fair...did better than my own low standards.
Sold all the big, single t-pots, all small BG's, Marie's tray a a cuppie cake, as well as other cups and beakers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

day 16. blah blah blah

yep. the clay world is blah today...
well, this week...
well, since august 21, the last day I posted.

I have been spending time in the garage and at the saws making new display. I like what I have so far, but am going into 'crunch' mode to get the shelves done.

Last Friday, Cindy (one of my collegues at Eclectics) came over for 'clay day' at my house. Cindy tried my kick wheel and I don't think she cared for it. She did make some nice little trays using the press mold (into foam) technique. She took them home to slip as the day was way too damp to apply slips.

I made some larger cups for Art Westport.

I also need to get busy making some other things for art fairs...been in the garage, not the studio.