Friday, April 9, 2010

day 22...not much going on

Whew!! Not much going on in the studio this week. Got home from NCECA on Saturday afternoon, caught some kind of bug and have been sick the last couple of days.

I have spent the last few days at the computer loading CD's and creating a slide show for the juror of KC Clay Guild's Teabowl National. It has been exhausting, but fun to see all the work made by potters across the country...lots of soda and wood fired pieces.

Thanks to all who have entered...the work is amazing. Don't foget to pencil in the June 11 opening reception with the juror, Pete Pinnell. It will take place at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center in KCMO from 6-8 pm.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day 20...actually keeping up!

I wanted to post a photo of a teapot inspired by They Might Be Giants' song...well, I think it is "A Little Birdhouse to your Soul". I made a a series of three. I also made some small variations in teapots, pitchers and lidded boxes.

day 20...starting again...again

Just got back from NCECA and I am hyped to make pots and glazes...but I also have to get my art fair thing going. Here are some piccys of some pots I bought. XoXo is by Stepanka Horalkova. The 'twins' are pots I bought at the end of the Cup Sale at NCECA...2 Harmony Chapman...they were the ones I coveted all week and I got them!
I cannot remember the woman's name that made the 'bunny plate'...she was at the vendor booth and had a pet rabbit in a carrying case.

I went to KCCG and discovered I had a whole bunch of new entries for the KC Clay Guild Teabowl National. I'm stoked! There are over 140 pots entered! I brought all the CD's home and downloaded them and then set them in a PowerPoint for Pete Pinnell, our juror.