Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day 20...starting again...again

Just got back from NCECA and I am hyped to make pots and glazes...but I also have to get my art fair thing going. Here are some piccys of some pots I bought. XoXo is by Stepanka Horalkova. The 'twins' are pots I bought at the end of the Cup Sale at NCECA...2 for1...by Harmony Chapman...they were the ones I coveted all week and I got them!
I cannot remember the woman's name that made the 'bunny plate'...she was at the vendor booth and had a pet rabbit in a carrying case.

I went to KCCG and discovered I had a whole bunch of new entries for the KC Clay Guild Teabowl National. I'm stoked! There are over 140 pots entered! I brought all the CD's home and downloaded them and then set them in a PowerPoint for Pete Pinnell, our juror.

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