Sunday, October 11, 2009

day 18...things are good in the clay universe

The clay gods...or should I say the kiln gods?...are looking out for me.

I say that with a little trepidation as the little black rain cloud that seems to follow me around might drip on me.

I had a disastrous week before I went to Louisville for St. James Court. I lost a kiln load of things to complete some sets...cake bottom, apple, tea caddy...*sigh*. I was also rear-ended by a teenager approaching my evening gig at LVCC. Fortunately, everything was wrapped tightly and nothing...I mean nothing, broke.

After driving to Lousiville and FINALLY finding the place to get my packet, I find that, after unloading, I don't have all of my tent. I almost lose it, but realize I can work without a tent...just throw a tarp over the work at night. Clay doesn't get ruined in the rain. I asked the organizers about the weather...rain...toldl them my situation and a guy named Mike, pipes in and tells me ai can borrow parts from the second tent he usually carries. WOW!
Anyway, all went well in that respect. We traded the tent parts for a piece of my artwork.

I had 2 nice meals at Proof, which is part of the great Muesum Hotel, 21C. That wonderful food made up for the sleazeball motel I was in...DIRTY floor, hole in the bathroom ceiling, creep bedspread, a non-working phone, a liquor store and a gas'n go right next to me. Yeehaa.

I had two profitable days on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday, with two hours to go, I had two fabulous sales. I am now in the personal collection of DNC-F of Louisville and a gallery...Swanson-Reed. Thanks ladies!

St. James Court proved to be my best show this year!
A quick teardown and off to St.Louie in the car.
One more to go...KCCG Holiday Sale and Tour.