Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pot # 8

This pot was made by Sam Chung.

I occasionally go to the NCECA conference (the national clay conference). In 2005 I went to the one in Indianapolis. One of the demo-s that year was Sam Chung. I also got the chance to watch him demo again at Red Star a few years later. I bought this tumbler there.

It's height is a little over 5"...width is 3.25". It is made of thrown porcelain. The glazing is subtle...I have forgotten if Sam wood fires, but I do see evidence of some sort of reduction on the foot. Let's call it wood fired. The glaze is creamy, but has a dark blush moving towards the 'back'. There are green dots of glaze over the body and they have a darker blush around the edge of each.

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