Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pot #10...for Friday

It is only 10:45 pm on Thursday, but I will be busy with company tomorrow, Friday. So...I am going to write this early.

Darling little pot. Jenny Mendes made this. I bought it at the Plaza Art Fair...forget when. This piece cost me $50.oo, about all I could/can afford.

This piece is a pinch pot made from Terra Cotta. The dimensions are 1.75 x 3 x 3". I suspect she uses commercial glazes or slips with clear over them. I have never talked to her as she is always so busy selling. The exterior body of the pot is not glazed. The interior is glazed with e red glaze overall, with a white band around the lip. There are small black circles on the white band with even tinier dots inbetween the larger circles. A funny white bird is in the center and it is detailed in black.

Her potter's mark is 'jM', with an horizontal slash through the top of the 'j'.

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