Monday, April 11, 2011

Pot # 12...whoops, I missed Sunday...

I got this plate on a trip to Washington DC in 2002. I took my mom and my daughter Fiona...she was 13. We went primarily to see the usual...the stuff everyone else wants to see in DC.

While we were there, there was an international fair going on in the Mall. Countries had huge booths, tents and display set up in the Mall. I happened into an Uzbekistan area and found some pottery. This was all I could afford. Most everything in any cultural area was quite pricey.

Here are the facts: the clay body is tan with a slip over it, then all the colorful glazes. I think it was fired upside down as there are drips from the lip pointing 'up'. There are bubbles in the clear glaze that have been popped and smoothed a bit. (I wonder if this is a LEAD glaze??)

It appears to be thrown as I can see some throw marks on the foot...unless that was how it was trimmed. There is a big capitol 'H', with a lower case 'f' through the crossbar of the 'H'.

The plate measures a little over 4. 75 x 1.25".

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