Sunday, May 22, 2011

pot #37

Wish the picture was better...
This piece is by Jamie Johnson. She used to live in KC and was a member of KC Clay Guild. She has mooved several times...and I think she is in Austin, Texas. Before she moved we traded artwork...she wanted a BoneGuy Teabpot and I wanted one of these>>>

This is a stoneware tree set on a ceramic base. It is all attached to a particle board base. There is a watercolor attached to the board behind the tree. I have placed a tiny, tiny vase by the same Jamie Johnson in the knot hole at the bottom of the tree. I have also placed bird eggs beneath the tree. It is one of my favorite pieces and it hangs in my home studio.

The board is 15/5' x 8" and the tree is 7.5" tall. The tree is glazed, the base is stained and apapears waxed. The tiny pot isabout 1" tall and is glazed in Turquoise Oribe and a Copper Red.

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