Friday, May 13, 2011

pot #33...double tre

Pot #33 is by my friend Bill Alexander. I think we have know each other about 10-12 years. He just celebrated 25 years with Gayle Martin (I guess I can say that!!). Gayle is also a ceramic artist and makes wonderul clay ornaments. Bill hasn't made pots for a while, but I love the ones I do have. This platter sits on a burner of my gas stove and hold my salt shaker, pepper mill and olive oil container (you'll see these a little later). The yellow is actually a waxy, buttery color...the blue is a bit brighter than the image.

This platter is 10 x 6.5" and is about 1.25" high. It is made of stoneware and reduction fired in Bill's own kiln. It has a yummy surface that you can't really see in the image.

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