Sunday, May 8, 2011

pot #29...Happy Mother's Day to all

Changin' it up. the piccy is on the left today.


This is a little Mexican made bird. My grandma Kerr got them as gifts for her daughters in the 60's. Rose and Vergil used to 'winter' in Mexico and they would always bring back pressies for everyone. The Speck girls got Terra Cotta doll dishes and little rush seated painted chairs. My Grandma was divesting herself of things when she moved and I took several of these birds.

It is made of a white ware...low fire I'm sure. They might even plaster. There is an obvious hole in the underside...made after the firing. It's jagged. The makers name is also on the bottom...'Solis'. The bird is decorated with 'painted' on underglaze and then burnished.

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