Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had lunch with this potter two days in a row this week...Tuesday and yesterday. She is my friend, Mary Kay Porter. ( She also has work at STUFF in Brookside.

We went to Cafe' Verona (off the square in Indpendence, MO) with potters from the new '323 Clay' studio ...more about that later. Yesterday we went to Avenues Bistro in Brookside shopping district during our long walk I am training to walk 95 miles in 6 days in Scotland this summer).

THE POT...sorry for the blurry pix. I *did* like the 'star' reflection through the plastic covering my ware shelves. Back to the Pot. It is a little vase or bowl about 4" tall x 5.5" wide and 4.25" in depth. It was thrown of ^5-6 porcelain from Flint Hills (Bracker's Good Earth Clays), fired in oxidation with glazes she has made. (We were in an oxidation firing study group for 7 years). I think I recieved this at a potter gift exhange within this study group.

LUNCHES...Cafe Verona good salad and coffee and BREAD ...yummy
Avenues Bistro...had a wonderful and filling quiche with chirizo, tomatoes and onions and a nice little salad.

323 323 Maple in Indpendence, MO. a new studio with residents Steven Hill, Tara Dawley, DAvid Lee, Carolyn Summers, Cindy Buehler, George Chrisman, Maria Morales Kim Walsh and one fellow I don't know. Nice people.

THE WALK...the West Highland Way sometime soon.

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