Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pot #34

Just got back from driving my daughter to Albany, NY, where she will be an intern with Bimbo (pronounced Beem-bo) Bakeries. The Mexican bakery company is the largest in the world...just bought Sara Lee. Albany seems ok...just far away from my 'Bunny' now. Drove long...rainy, rainy days, but visited my piping friend Martha Robinson in Clarion, Pennsylvania and had a great time.

The pot...Fiona's favorite cocoa cup. I took it as a surprise to Albany for her. Thsi shot was taken on her window sill at her little studio apartment where the Bimbo Grupo is lodging her.

This fabulous cup was made by Rebecca Koop of Kansas City...owner of Back Door Pottery in the 'Northeast' section of KC. It holds a lot of cocoa...2 1/2 cups. It has a beautiful brown glaze...maybe a reduced Albany Slip with spirals of...maybe a glaze with some Rutile. I got this in the early 90's when I went with my mom to the KC Renaissance Fair in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Becky used to have a booth out there.

I had forgotten that Fiona had borrowed a favorite Michael Smith cup and had packed it as well. I do not have a picture of it, but will review Michael's work soon.

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