Thursday, May 19, 2011

pot #35...hi Bunny

I miss my 'Bunny'. Sorry...I miss my daughter...had to get that in, in case she reads my bloggy-wog.

This pot is by Bede Clark. (www.bedeclarkestudios.c0m)
He instructs at my alam mater, the University of Missouri @Columbia! (He was not there when I was matriculating. One of my instructors was Robert Bussabarger.) I met him during the Brookside Art Annual a few weeks ago. I walked in his booth and surprised him taking a drag off his pipe in the back of his booth. I have asked him to be the juror for the TEABOWL next year.

This 'diamond in the rough' vase was created from dark stoneware. (Help me!) I think it is wood fired. It is 4 x 2.5 x 2.5" and is square-ish. The texture on the bottom half reminds me of having been paddled with a ribbed board. Two corners have little lug handles. There is a stamp on one side and four dots in a square on the othere face.
The glaze is white-ish in teh photograph, but actually has a lavender tint where it is thick. The bottom half has what I think is a Shino. It is a lovely orange with some speckles where it is a little thinner and meets the top glaze.

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