Saturday, May 7, 2011

pot # 28...the day of Tyrel...Tyrel Reed

This is a pot from a leftover pile. Taren Scott of Edwardsville, Kansas (a little west of KC) made it. I love the red-orange stoneware it is thrown from. Judging from the trim marks, it looks like a pretty groggy clay. Taren applied a yellow semi-opaque glaze on the inside and let it drip down the edge of the lip. The glaze might have Mason stain in it. I was in an Oxidation glaze study group with Taren for 7 years and this might be on of our glaze tests. Actually, it was her idea to get a group together to test glazes. On the front of the pot is a stamp of a Ginko leaf. The same yellow glaze has been applied and wiped off the stamp to let the image show up. On the back at the bottom is her potter's mark...a rounded square with a capital T S.

The pots stands 3" high and is about 3 1/8" wide.


I was the total nerd and went to Miege HS to get Tyrel Reed's (of KU b-ball fame) autograph. I also got Mario Little and Brady Morningstar's.

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