Friday, May 20, 2011

pot #36

Here is one of my favorites. I fell for this piece at the Pittsburg NCECA...the cup sale. I stalked it for several days...moving it around so no one would find it again. I got there late!, but somehow it was there for me. I cannot imagine why no one picked up this wonderful little cup and spoon.
It is made by a Danish artist. I have her name somewhere.
It is 3" tall at the handle. It is 3" wide and 2" front to back. The spoon, on it's own, is 4.5" long. It is extremely thin...less than 1/8". It is handbuilt of porcelain with a slightly uneven lip. It has a flat foot. The inside of the cup is covered in a clear glaze. The handle of the cup is made entirely of little handbuilt flowers...all with 5 petals. The spoon's handle is topped with a flower as well. There are no potter's marks or signitures.

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