Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love my studio at Jewell

Thursday, May 30.
Spent 7 hours in studio at William Jewell.  Heaven.  I had the room to student did not show up to work. 
I spent the day making work as prototypes for more pots and taking care of unfinished pots from Monday. 
I made another cup and saucer to get my fingers limbered up...then moved onto cream and sugar containers (I love vessels with lids), a bowl (icky) and the beginnings of a teapot.  I got the body, foot and handle completed.  The next time I go up I will work on the spout and the lid.  I will also make some kind of tray for 'spills'. 

I am going to go look at my favorite artists online and on Pinterest for inspiration. 

Surface: I am applying rolled surface texture, stamping, sprigs and some rolled lines.  I am trying different ways to apply underglaze before bisque firing.  I have used a lime green mixed underglaze and flower patterns cut from news paper to make prints on each least twice on pots...inside and/or outside. 

If I get the surface right, these will be gorgeous...I shouldn't let glazing and color, get the best of me.  It is soooooooo intimidating!

I wish I could get that HIgby Water Blue to work correctly...when it does it is sooooo beautiful. 
I wonder if it has anything to do with the RIOx wash I used to put over my work???

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