Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, May 31

...spent my lunchtime with friends at Urban Table...yummy pancakes and bacon and coffee.  I tshsould have something differetnt than breakfast next time...I always have breky.

...spent my morning helping daughter with a break-in in her/my car in Cali.  Theft and vandalizsm and fraud.  He paid his phone bill with her debit card.  Duh.  I think he will get caught...don't you? 

...part of the day was spent at Lowes, buying some thin concrete block, rebar and concrete mix to make a retaining wall on the south side of my house/patio area.  I dug and arranged and then pounded in teh rebar to hold the block in place.  Next I must start arranging and placing rock, mortaring them to face the block and make it purty.  Then a rock one of those old timey rock walls with the crenelation on the top evening was spent walking with my sister (Kim and I whined about all that happed today.  It was good to walk, nonetheless).  I also watched my hero Bill Maher and had a Strong Bow.  All in all, a productive day...but a lonely night.

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