Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Went to Cinderelish's house today to work on pots. Cindy did some carving and I did mason stain washes on my pieces. As I dug out my pots form the travel bucket, I had several broken pieces...candy man and 2 Santas. *aaaaarhhhh*

After a yummy cheeseburger and tater tot lunch at the RetroBowl in Liberty, MO, we talked about improving our respective work. I love it when I can get a second opinion. We deduced that my work is too fragile...too much breakage from the extreme elements and thinness of my pots and their body parts.

I might:

  • add text
  • change forms
  • eliminate *some* work, especially the extremely fragile stuff
  • change up some of the decorative elements...add more...change the shape of those elements
  • work on color
  • work on new pieces to round out the bulk of my work
  • make more molds to press into

*WOW* looking up /\ that seems like a lot to do.

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