Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010...later

I made a bunch of small inexpensive price point. Most of them are alike, but one has a snowman face. Cornball.
I altered the centers a bit after I took the picture. I left an 'empty' spot in the center. I thought there was just a little too much texture. I needed some contrast. A few have triangular centers, from sprigged detail to detail.

I am making glaze tomorrow after my busy day working my random day job, riding my bike, picking up rat poison and visiting my dermatologist.

I am mixing my beautiful Higby Water Blue and some variations (tests), Yellow liner glaze and and some clear with a little yellow stain it it.

I found an article by Vince Patelka I want to read about stains, patinas and glazes. Sounds interesting. I don't want to use Terra Sigs or *just* slips. I can't wait to read and try it all out.

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