Monday, August 10, 2009

day four. shit-ball to the album*

I am officially retired and this is the first day of school I have missed since I was aged 5. I am 55. I had been in school in some shape or form for 50 years. "Shit-ball to the album!" *[thanks go to Cinderelish for that little gem]
close right-that is my new buddy Joe, the horn player from "the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band" [courtesy of David Letterman]
far right- one corner of my booth..."Eve'n Adam set" with a new tableau...a new teapot with an 'arm beaker' can barely see the 'WitchDoctor' in the corner.
One of my best friends, Lori, woke me from my 2 hours of sleep this morning at 7:30 to tell me I was the luckiest girl in the world as I didn't have to go back to school today...and she did. It seems so wierd NOT to have a daily routine in a school anymore. I guess I will have to make a new one. Whew! I am paroled from Cell block KCK...33 years.
I am going to 'start' a new blog wi/the same blog. As of 'day 4' I am going to try to blog every day about my pottery career. There might be some personal stuff squeaking in from time to time, but that's life, huh?
3:30 am...I am home from Minneapolis and the Uptown Art Fair. I traveled with Cinderelish, a co-worker and new friend from 'Eclectics'. We left Wednesday. Thursday we set up my booth at the fair and then made my yearly pilgrimage to 'mecca' for clay in the Twin Cities...Northern Clay. We were there about an hour and half, jones'n over the artwork and the pottery itself...again, "Shit-ball to the album"...and shit!...what a place! Like junkies on crack, we twitchin' over all the pots. I think we both got our 'fix', purchasing several pieces from new and old favorites.

We moved onto the Walker Art Center and adjacent sculpture garden...way cool place. We went to see a ceramic exhibit, but that paled in comparison to seeing part of the collection as we wandered the building. Got to the hotel, ate at a common red-striped restaurant, had a jacuzzi (with 5 kids we didn't know) and stayed up having a little drink in our new cups. I now have:

a Maren Kloppman,
a David the 'Betty Page' cup
a Colleen Riley [ ]...amazing work
a Kristen Wetzig...
I have more, but can't remember who at the moment.

The art fair was either stormy or like walking on the sun. It was also not the best financially. It was indeed better than the two previous years (1. vandals and my best 'take' ever, 2. a prize and my worst 'take' every.) This show was in the middle. I was a pottery 'ho' as I bought or traded 7 pieces this weekend.

We did have a fabu evening at Nye's...Minneapolis's unintentional ode to the 60's polka/piano bar BAR. Glitter vinyl booths and fun clientel.
1:30 pm...writing this blog and trying to wake up. I must empty my poor car of all the inventory I didn't sell.
I must reconsider the pricing of everything...Cinderelish has convinced me I must be more concious of time, materials, etc. in estimating prices. I am a little off, but that would help. I may be a little overpriced at times.
If you are out there...what do you think a price for the item posted might be...?
'Shiva Diva' teapot, tableau, two 'Boddhisatva' cups, tea caddy 'stand'
largest object...19"H x 17"Wx 9"D

slab built, /\ 6 porcelain, stained and glazed for funk-tionality, fired in oxidation
Currently priced at $1500.00
Waddya think people?

**mid-80's reference to 'Waddel, the pink fuck'n dog and shit'.

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