Tuesday, June 23, 2009

day three.

Did a little glazing and fired a kiln...fired a bisque yesterday.
Sending a 'face vase' off to it's new owner tomorrow.
Gotta get in the studio and make something tomorrow...think it will be salt'n pepper.

I purchased some pine board to construct a new dispaly that is lighter than the old one...put together like an Arts and Craft shelf I have in the PineRoom...with pegs. This is just an experiment...hope it works so that I can ditch the heavy (but nice looking) display. Also bought blue stain to mix with the Pecan...to stain the shelving.

Talked to HiddenGlen (MS) about moving up the waitlist. Also called and emailed ThePlazaArtFAir (KBL) about being available to do the show should there be any openings.

I need to call Strecker/Nelson about my images. UGH! I should've left price points and more resume.

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