Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010

I am home after a Saturday at the University of MIssouri-Columbia. I took my bf, Terry ("Mr. KU") to an MU football game and a tear around the campus. He indulged me even though he was kinda sick. We should have left right after the game, but he further indulged me and ate at one of my fave pizza places ever...Shakespear's Pizza. It was a lucsious taste treat. I hadn't had any since the fall of 2006. YUM, YUM, YUMMY!

odd fact, today is Prince Charles' b-day. I don't know how old he is...just...older than me. Is he 63?

I spent the day Friday making pots and pieces for my little galleries. I bisque fired them yesterday and today I must stain and glaze them. I really need to go into the studio and make other things on my list.
Go, Susan, go! Go make pots!

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