Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 27...Art Westport

Ugh. It's over...another Art Westport. It was my worst one ever...barely made the 'booth'.
I met some nice people and had a repeat customer, Gina. I met Kathy DeFord. She was sweet enough to put me in her blog, along with some other artists at A.W. Check out Kathy's blog at:

I am still musing over my future in pottery and art fairs. I am totally bummin' over my lackluster season and my teaching situation. I am deflated that my desire to be a 'potter when I grew up' isn't quite gearing up like I thought it might. Hmmmmmmmm.

Looking for suggestions from fellow artists, potters or anyone who looks at the artwork on my blog, my website and at art fairs. Be honest...but be nice!

I think I will go eat some ice cream with caramel, fudge and nuts....mabye a candy bar cut up in it. That will make me feel better...or maybe another Mojito!!!

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