Wednesday, May 12, 2010

day 24...home from 'wintering' in Laumeier

yeah...Went to Laumeier Art Fair in the spectacular Laumeier Sculpture Park ( this past weekend. It is in the St. Louis area and I did all my fave things while I was there...Ted Drewes Custard, the Chocolate Bar (chocolate martinis!) and visiting my sister Mindy her family.
Wintering, yeah man, it was COLD and WINDY on Saturday. It is a good show, but teh weather there was less than stellar. I hunkered down in the back of my tent much of the day. When you get cold and there is nowhere to get makes for a long day...and sales were worse than BAD on Saturday.
I sold my 'Marie A' (Marie Anoinette) teapot on day One...nice surprise and some other things I do not have pictures for. Some KC artists I visited with while I was at the art fair were: Judy Thompson (pit fired pottery), Makenna Bartel (silver jewelry). I also spoke with Jennifer and Nathan Falter (Springfield...potters) and Caly Hobgood-Lemme (Champaign-Urbana...still-life photos) and Carrie Hoffnagle (Des Moines...silver jewelry). Google their names and check out their work.

Anyway, I am home and I am going to go make some glazes.

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  1. I hope Marie went to a good home. She was a gem!